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New Helltaker Song, 50 MILLION ADDICT VIEWS?!

Hey guys! I'm publishing another update for all of you subscribers and visitors, as I hope you all have enjoyed my latest projects that have come out since this summer! The most recent is a brand new collaboration with my good friend Chi-Chi for a song themed to the indie game sensation known as Helltaker! I hope the creator, vanripper, has heard it at leat once at this point, lol.

Secondly, I want to give the largest of thank you's to every single one of you who have watched and listened to the official music video for Addict, OVER 50 MILLION TIMES!!! I've never seen such a large amount of engagement within the span of less than three months! Thank you for the nonstop influx of covers and fanart, I hope you guys look forward to what's coming next, from VivziePop's studio and my own project folder, lol!

Finally, I want to apologize for not updating my Spotify playlist, Silva Snax, like I promised I would on the 15th of every month. Not only will I get back started on that, but now I will try to integrate this playlist with Apple Music as well (and also Soundcloud and TIDAL maybe?????), so that multiple audiences will be able to get into the stuff that I'm into! I like giving fans a taste of the music that I'm into, and I'm a pretty diversely tasteful guy so maybe there'll be something for you!

Thanks everyone for reading, watching, listening and following! Peace!

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1 Comment

Nov 11, 2020

Amazing news!, That's a proud, Do you see? you are a great musician

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